Why Join Energy up International?

  • Where others see problems we see solutions
  • We are passionate about empowering people to enable them to meet their needs.
  • Partnering with us will help you improve your standard of living and give you access to an unlimited flow of monetary rewards and supply of subsidized petroleum products (petrol and cooking gas).
  • We offer a Sustainable Petroleum Energy /Reward system for everyone.

Energy up International is the solution to

  • The increase in the price of petroleum products.
  • The increase in the price of goods and services.
  • The rise in the cost of transportation.
  • The rise of unemployment, underemployment and loss of jobs.


Headshot photo Dear Friends, I invite you to Oil & Gas Business without owning a Petrol Station and become a DEALER. Becoming a Millionaire with Energy Up Internarional.

Akodi Apollos

Headshot photo This is one of the best businesses I ever did. Thank God for Energy Up International, no more queues in the filling station as they treat us like kings. Special preferential treatment for Energy Up members.

Mienshi Iliya

Headshot photo I joined this great movement, 1st of December, 2017. I can testify that I have collected nothing less than 1,355 litres of petrol. Currently am enjoying my weekly payments! There is Future in this! This is a new revolution! .

Okafor Onyedika

Headshot photoGet free petroleum products, cash , car , house and international trip to country of your choice , join energy up today and achieve your dream. I am a living testimony to this! Thanks to Energy Up for this great opportunities given to Nigerian citizens.

Ogbeide Oyedele

Headshot photoI joined Energy Up on 28th December, 2017, not because I believed, but because my Up line was disturbing me. On the 6th of January, she came to inform me that i was due for my welcome pack. She took me to the Mr Price Petrol Station at Shasha, and I got 60litres of Petrol for my 3 Accounts, free of charge! I was elated because there was acute fuel scarcity in Akure, Ondo state where I reside. I went to work and got my remaining 4 down lines in 2 days! On the 8th of January, I got my Stage 1 bonus of $85! With the bonus, i booked for 80ltrs of Petrol, 12 ltrs of Diesel, 10kg Cooking Gas! Whao! I feel like shouting Energy Up from the roof top! Energy Up, you are reallyUp!

Kehinde Longe